30MIN Intermediate PILATES Mat Class [at Home no equipment]-Life Full of Zest

30MIN Intermediate PILATES Mat Class [at Home no equipment]-Life Full of Zest Today we run through a 30 minute full-body mat class. We focus on core, glute, hamstring, and back extensor strength. The perfect way to get fit and toned and have fun while doing it.

The Ultimate Pilates 6 Week Challenge With Life Full of Zest

In today’s video we run through week 6 of our Active Zest 6-week core challenge. We run through a variety of core, glutes, and arm strengthening exercises to tone the body. 

The sequence needs to be done three times for full completion. If you struggle with this week 6 challenge, I would strongly recommend starting at week 1 and building towards week 6.

25 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT - At Home Pilates

In this fundamental to intermediate based Pilates class, we start with a warm-up and progress into an activation sequence, concluding with a static stretch.

Intermediate Full Body Pilates Mat Class for Body Toning and Weight Loss

Intermediate Full-Body Pilates Mat-Class for Body Toning and Weight Loss. We run through another at home full body mat class. 30 minutes of activation and flexibility to tone those muscles and improve strength.

Abs and Glutes Workout | No Equipment | Pilates Challenge [Week 3]

In this video, we progress with our Learn Pilates Program, advancing the exercises and making them a lot more fun and challenging. In this 20 minute workout, we use previous core and glute activations to warm up, progressing into a slightly more advanced sequence form our previous week. A perfect at-home Pilates workout, which requires no equipment.