Pilates is a regime of exercise that focuses on controlled movement emphasising quality muscular activation, controlled breathing, gentle stretching and improved postural alignment. The 7 principals of Pilates include Awareness, breathing, balance, control, concentration, centre, harmony, efficiency, flow and precision. Life Full of Zest Pilates sequences are structured in such a way that all these components are considered while ensuring a full-body activation. 

In these Pilates for beginner classes, we run through the fundamental movements which create the foundation for and effective Pilates habit. Each sequence focuses on the importance of controlled breathing and effective muscular activation.

These classes include a wider variation of exercise sequences, progressing the fundamental exercises into more challenging variations as strength improves. 

The exercise variations are further progressed as strength and flexibility improves. In these Pilates sequences, a higher lever of control and activation is necessary and the limbs and joints move through greater ranges of motion. 

Pilates for Runners

Stability, balance and proprioception, core strength and flexibility are important components when it comes to running. It is just as important as getting in the millage. In these  Pilates for Runners classes, we take you through a variety of specialized sequences focusing on these components. Maintaining an exercise regime that focuses on the improvement of such components will contribute to both injury prevention as well as improved running performance.

Pilates for Seniors

In these Pilates for seniors classes, we run through gentle mobility and activation flows,  encouraging improved balance and posture. 

Pilates for Recovery

Rest and recovery are just as important as maintaining a regular and healthy exercise regime. In these Pilates classes, we run through a variety of sequences aimed at encouraging the recovery of your muscles and joints.